Propaganda Posters of the Third Reich

Deutschland und die Ostmark

© Copyright Peter Crawford 2013
© Copyright Peter Crawford 2013
The National Socialists possessed a highly refined æsthetic sensibility, and they enacted their æsthetic at every level of politics and policy including propaganda.
Adolf Hitler, and many of his associates, not only believed themselves to be artists, but were regarded by others, at the time, as artists, whose very ideology was founded in an essentially æsthetic logic.
This is generally referred to as the  ‚æstheticization‘ of politics.
Alpine Landscape
Adolf Hitler
The artistic ambitions of Adolf Hitler, Dr Paul Joseph Goebbels, Alfred Rosenberg, Baldur von Schirach, Walther Funk and others were originally deeper than their political ambitions, and were essential elements of their personalities.
There were two conceptual cornerstones of National Socialist ideology – redemption and monumentality – which found their expression in National Socialist æsthetic productions, which were not only means by which to deliver a political message, but…

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