Lebanon’s war on ‘hashish’ indistinguishable from war on the poor

Eine Schande, eine Nutzpflanze zu verteufeln die Tausende Lobbyisten der Pharmaindustrie arbeitslos machen würde.
Ihr Dreckschweine!

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A cannabis farmer in the Bekaa Valley prays as Lebanese army men come to destroy his harvest. Al-Akhbar/Rameh Hamieh
By Amer Mohsen | Al-Akhbar | November 27, 2014

The cultivation of cannabis is popular in specific areas that have special characteristics like high altitude and sunlight, similar to the Bekaa region. This differential feature of Lebanon, which can revive the Lebanese countryside, has been overcome by the alternative agricultural policies required from abroad. The health risks associated with the use of cannabis are minimal compared to alcohol and tobacco, and compared with the results of the war on cannabis cultivation which only affects the poor segments of society.

A few years ago, Lebanese organizations, including left-wing movements, launched a media campaign warning against cannabis and the risk of its spread among the youth. The intention behind the campaign was noble, but it had several flaws: The first is related to…

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