Here’s Randy Quaid ‚F*cking‘ His Rupert Murdoch Mask-Wearing Wife


Things have taken an interesting turn in the saga of Randy Quaid and wife Evi. The couple are currently suing John Kerry over a United States passport issue which actually stems from the fact that they are fugitives from justice. However, the subject of the above video which has surfaced on YouTube under the account „E Quaid“ is not John Kerry; but rather Village Roadshow Pictures CEO Bruce Berman, Warner Brothers Entertainment, the New York Post, and Rupert Murdoch.

Among the accusations made in Quaid’s two-minute video: that Berman „stole his house,“ that the New York Post has a vendetta out to „smear [him] to high heaven with a pack of lies,“ and that Warner Brothers had him falsely arrested six times by TMZ — which he states „hashtag“ (while he makes air quotes) actually stands for „PMC,“ or „police media corruption.“

Through this rant, Evi sits behind…

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