Netanyahu–Israel ‘too small’ to take in refugees

The Ugly Truth


Netanyahu says Jewish state must protect itself from influx of ‘illegal immigrants and perpetrators of terrorism’

ed note–again, one of Netanyahu’s major shortfallings as far as his opponents on the ‚left‘ view him is his inability to ‚play the game‘ in such a way as to gain the bigger prize in terms of public perception. He seems to have no understanding or appreciation for the fact that there is a difference between words and action. His opponents on the ‚left‘ side of the Judaic paradigm understand this, which is why they make the pretenses of ‚caring‘ for the refugees so as to put a pretty, humanitarian, charitable face on Judaism. Netanyahu however has no time for any of that, which is why his opponents on the left out to remove him from power lest he do even more damage to the falsely created image the ’smarter‘ elements within La Kosher Nostra are trying to…

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